Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mee Sua Soup - Longevity noodles in soup


I am trying to start posting from my iPad so if any alignments looks strange, please pardon me while I make adjustments. With taking care of our 5 month old son, I have gotton really lazy at switching on my mac, but I would still want to keep updating the blog and especially since there has been quite a few likes even though I have not been able to update so regularly.

Living in Lund, one of the highlights is gathering with friends over a home-cooked meal. That's where I learn new dishes, new flavors and this is one of them. Chef Anlai, who has just become a restaurant owner ( Mui Kong at
Kyrkogatan 21, Lund 22222, Sweden) cooked this for their son's first year birthday earlier this year. I love it so much that I asked him how it was prepared and this is my take on it and hope it do justice. One thing you should be aware that these longevity noodles are quite salty in nature, so if you cooking a large amount, I suggest you soak the noodles otherwise the soup stock would be too salty to be enjoyable. The toppings can be varied, this is just a suggestion of what you can use.

Ingredients (3-5 servings)
1 packet of longevity noodles
200g lean pork, sliced into thin stripes and marinade with soy sauce and pepper
A handful of dried lily bulbs, wood ear mushroom, dried chinese mushroom, all soaked till hydrated.
A large handful of bean sprouts, soaked in hot boiling water
Quails eggs or normal eggs hardboiled
Fish balls and meatballs of your preference
300g pork ribs to make the stock,6-7 slices of ginger
3 spring onions, sliced finely
Sesame seed oil for drizzling over

1. Prepare the stock by boiling 1.5 litres of water with the pork ribs and sliced ginger. Remove the ginger and pork ribs when done.


2. Stir fry the lean pork, dried mushrooms and wood ear mushroom until done, set aside as topping for the noodles.

3. Prepare the dried lily bulbs by snipping away any hard ends, tie a knot(optional) and blanched it for a few minutes in boiling water, drain and set aside.

4. Wash the noodles once and bring the stock to boil. Add the noodles and cook until al dente. Add in the sliced spring onions and sesame seed oil.

5. Serve hot in individual bowls and top with the toppings and the best part is, you get to decide which and how much topping you want!


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