Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grass Jelly Longan 凉粉龙眼

Grass Jelly with Longan

This is again a 'quick' way of making a quite famous dessert, I would say in Singapore. It may look scarey to some, but it's definitely one of my comfort food. I found the powder mix in the Asian store in Malmö recently and was quite happy making it for myself (Johan doesn't like it) for the hot summer - it's perfect! It goes by a few names but here's a more detail description from Wikipedia.

Grass jelly mix
1 can of longan
Ice cubes

  1. Follow the instructions on the package, I only used half this time as it makes a lot.

    Grass Jelly Drink 凉粉

    Grass Jelly Drink 凉粉

    Grass Jelly Drink 凉粉
  2. Chill it in the fridge until set, then you can do two things - make a drink or make a dessert.

    Grass Jelly Drink 凉粉
  3. If you want to make a drink, just grate is coarsely and add enough sugar syrup with ice cubes.

    Grass Jelly Drink 凉粉

    Grass Jelly Drink 凉粉
  4. To make the dessert, cut into large cubes and place in a bowl with as much longan as you want (that's the benefit of making your own dessert) and add some syrup from the longan can and ice cubes.

    Grass Jelly with Longan 凉粉龙眼

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