Friday, August 24, 2012

Messy Baby Food

Some of you already know we had a son who is about 6 months + now and we have been letting him try new flavours and texture since he was about 4 months old. So here's a blog about what we've tried so far besides the normal cereal you can buy in powder form from the stores. But before that, here's a picture of him and a call for followers of this blog to help vote for him (the video is named 'Isac försöka sitta 4+ månader') in a Swedish baby product contest that's ending 4 September, daily votes are allowed, so thanks for your votes in advance! :)

2012-07-19 20.42.06

You can either click on this link if you are 

Despite all experience in cooking, when it comes to baby's food and taste, I must say I still feel like I haven't got the hang of making my own baby food. I especially want to introduce Asian flavours to him since it will be what I will be cooking most of the time.

Sometimes it feels quite discouraging when he just takes one or two spoonfuls and decided he doesn't like it. The rest of the meal time is then just spent cleaning up mess. Good that we have quite a tolerant and baby-food-loving dog in the house.  So far he really likes mangoes, avocados, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, pears and prunes. He doesn't like potatoes, carrots, rice porridge and peas. If you have any ideas, please share with me! One thing I picked up from the Swedish handbooks for baby food is using garlic press to purée food since I cook in small amounts and my one attempt at freezing a larger batch of food also went down the drain since he doesn't like defrosted food cubes.

2012-08-24 23.55.20
Carrot purée with rice cereal - score was 3/10 :/

2012-08-22 19.08.46
 Carrot, broccoli and pork purée with rice porridge - score was 5/10

2012-08-03 20.25.39
 Anchovies, dried scallops and chicken with rice porridge - score was 7/10 for first day, and then went down to 4/10 after that

2012-07-29 16.51.31
Broccoli and carrot mash - score was 7/10 

2012-07-27 17.05.32
How the garlic press is essential in making your own baby food

2012-07-15 20.37.23
I was using the fine sieve before that for the potatoes and broccoli mash...took me ages and he only ate a little

2012-07-09 18.36.13
My piggy peas ice cube..they only lasted once 

2012-07-22 00.27.07
Our messy eater :)

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