Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Smörgåstårta - Swedish Sandwich Cake (Shortcut version)

smörgåstårta med romsås

Äntligen! Ett svensk recept! Men kanske den här är en snabbt version för ätt jag varken bakade brödet eller gjorde såsen. Jag bara köpte allting och sätta ihop - även om jag har en riktig svensk receptbok som jag fått från Lisbeth, min kompis från Lund Universitet när vi studera tillsammans 2007. Hon är mycket snäll och gav oss en svensk receptbok och en asiatisk receptbok till vår bröllopsfest i Sverige trots att hon kan inte kom och firade med oss. Anledningen var så att vi kan laga mat till varandra rätter från varandra hemland.

Finally! A Swedish recipe - but it's a shortcut version because I neither bake the bread nor made my own sauce. I only bought and assemble everything together, and this is despite the fact I have a real swedish cookbook from a good friend, Lisbeth whom I met while I was studying at Lund University two years ago. She was very sweet and delivered the books personally to our wedding party in Sweden even though she wasn't able to make it on the actual day but the books (one swedish and one asian) were so that we can cook each other food from our own country.

5 slices wholemeal bread
Caviar sauce (romsås in Swedish, basically caviar mixed with dill, mayonnaise, pickled cucumber, creme fraiche), if you can't find that, try making your own by blending 150g cream cheese with 150 ml sour cream with a pinch of salt and ground white pepper.
Lettuce or some form of salad leaves (I had some roman salad)
Tuna in water (drained and mixed with some mayonnaise, salt and pepper - much like how you will prepare a tuna sandwich filling)
1 hard-boiled egg
butter for smearing on the bread
smoked salmon fillets, or cooked prawns

smörgåstårta stage 0

  1. Cut off the crusts off the bread and butter each slice of bread.
  2. Begin by layering the first slice of bread with the tuna filling, the place the next slice of bread on top, and do the same layering with tuna filling again.

    smörgåstårta stage 1
  3. In my pictures, I had three layers of bread, and the other two slices I cut into halves to join it to the rest to form a rectangular shape to fit my container. However, you can basically do it in whatever permutation you wish. Spread the caviar sauce all round the sandwich cake.

    smörgåstårta stage 2

  4. Next, tear up the salad leaves and press it against the sides of the sandwich cake.

    smörgåstårta stage 3
  5. Sliced the hard-boiled egg and lay it evenly on top of the cake layer.

    smörgåstårta stage 4
  6. The final step is just spread the smoke salmon slices on top and you have it! Some people decorate with some fruits like grapes and uses cooked small prawns instead of salmon but its pretty much up to your own creativity.

    smörgåstårta stage 5

    Placed inside my lock lock to bring to share with my friends at school, eat it with a spoon or fork like a cake!

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