Saturday, March 6, 2010

From 35 degrees celsius to -7 degrees celsius

Yup! I'm back - to the cold but beautiful Sweden. Somehow the sunlight here is kinda of silvery, shiny, making everything seems just a bit magical.

Before I start posting recipes again, I thought I would share with you my culinary 'catch-ups' while I was in Singapore for the past month :)

Well...technically this was my burger at Macdonalds at Frankfurt airport - cost about 15SGD for a meal but this one has a beef patty, hashbrown and bacon in it. Not too bad, especially when I wasn't served anything during the flight from Copenhagen on SAS.

The famous (?)  Nasi Lemak at Adam Road. Actually I don't know which one is famous but I just Q where the Q is longest...Most Singaporeans would do that when in doubt?

My complete breakfast of Teh O and nasi lemak with anchovies, egg, and chicken wing - Sedap!

This was the taman fish caught, cleaned and fried by my Dad - BEST!!

Still one of my favourite Japanese restaurant in Singapore, its on the 8th floor I think, at Orchard Central. Its apparently a chain of restuarants in Japan, but I love the rice with white bait and you add the black sesame and salt to it.

Its called OOTOYA

And I love the combination of green tea ice cream with azuki beans and mochi, topped with a dark syrup (I suspect either gula melaka or dark caramelized sugar).


Johan's favourite Chay Kway Teow from Food Republic Vivo City. He say got the 'Big Fire' taste one.


Ok, this one is not food, but I thought it was quite funny that GIANT used the Singaporean craze on mahjong to carry out a promotion. You really are supposed to collect the scratch out cards of all the tiles of 13 wonders.


This is my younger brother and his girlfriend's dog Mocha, a mini poodle.


This was at East Coast Park Food Center, stall owners like to have these lucky lions dance and 'pluck green' (basically tear up pieces of green vegetables and peel a mandarin orange) to bring luck and prosperity to their business.

But this lion seems rather sleepy - O I was suppose to catch up on my wantan mee here, but it was closed, but the carrot cake stall didn't fail me :)

The new MacDonald's deluxe breakfast - which I like very much since it has all elements of what I like about the breakfast menu - hotcakes and muffins, however it is very filling - all the way to lunch.

My Dad's famous Char Hoon - its a Heng Hwa dish of rice vermicili, white claims, vegetables, beancurd, fish cake and pork strips. You top it up with fried seaweed and chinese vinegar - we like to add SinSin garlic chili sauce but its so good that everything he cooked one and a half big pot, none will be left.

Give you a closer look ok?


Our family dog cute right!


Again, a simply delicious meal prepared by my Dad to eat with porridge. O the anchovies he fried are to live for! He will first dry fry them over low heat, then add oil to shallow fry them, then splash with soy sauce once dish up. Its a snack by itself! I told him, everytime I walk past the dining table, I will pinch a bit up and eat haha


My phone camera is not good, but its really.....wah...

Minced pork fried with black beans, chili and spring onions

O this is my humble white bait omelette...nothing compared to my Dad's

Handsome Boy!

My last meal at Singapore's MacDonald's... If you are wondering, yes we do have MacDonalds in Sweden, but their chocolate sundae is just not the same and their nuggets do not have the curry sauce nor the garlic chili sauce and they don't serve green tea.

But here's where my lovely hubby pick me up, Malmö C, Svagertorp on a lovely sunny spring morning.



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